Circle Up packaging – Until we meet again!

At a time when environmental protection is increasingly in the spotlight, we must all play our part in finding and implementing sustainable solutions. And that’s exactly what we have done – with our Circle Up packaging made from recycled material.

Sustainability, resource conservation, carbon footprint … no one can ignore these concepts any longer. And that’s a good thing, because they will ultimately determine how we will live in the future. They will shape our legacy for future generations, for our children. At rose plastic, we firmly believe that the closed-loop economy is the key to a sustainable future. Put simply, this means reusing and recycling materials at the end of their life cycle. By manufacturing our Circle Up packaging from recycled material obtained from waste plastic, we are conserving valuable resources and giving old plastic a new lease of life.

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The production of new packaging materials from recycled material requires fewer fossil raw materials and consumes less energy. What’s more, it results in a 77% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the use of virgin plastic.

Born to be recycled

To ensure the viability of the closed-loop economy, we rely on a “design for recycling” approach. This means that, from the outset, we design our packaging to be easily recyclable using materials that can be subsequently re-used. How do we achieve this? Well, for example, by avoiding complex composite materials in favor of plastics that can be easily processed in conventional recycling plants. Sometimes, “simple” works best. 

By the way, our recycled plastic is just as robust as new plastic. This means our Circle Up packaging protects your products just as reliably as comparable solutions made from regular plastic.

Advantages of packaging made from recycled material:

  • We use recycled plastic in our Circle Up packaging. This approach conserves valuable resources.
  • Our Circle Up packaging helps to minimize the product’s carbon footprint through the use of recycled plastic, which produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to virgin plastic.
  • By using recycled material, we are actively helping to eliminate waste in general and reduce the volume of discarded plastic that is sent to landfills.
  • Our Circle Up packaging protects your products just as reliably as comparable solutions made from regular plastic.

At our company, sustainability is no pipe dream – it has long been a reality.
Which is why we have dedicated an entire advertising campaign to our Circle Up packaging.

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