Our drill cassettes are functional, easy to use, and versatile. This makes them ideal for drill sets of all kinds, ensuring that HSS drills, SDS drills, masonry drills, wood drills, machine taps, and countersinks are not only perfectly packaged, but also optimally presented at the point of sale.

Drills are used in a wide range of different areas. Whether for masonry, wood, glass, or concrete, it’s important to find the right packaging for the respective drill set. Our plastic cassettes really stand out here – thanks to features such as functional and easy handling, a partially integrated anti-theft device, and high-quality designs at a low price point. However, our plastic cassettes are not only suitable as high-quality storage boxes for drill bits. Their transparent lids and hangers also make them ideal for presenting your products at the point of sale. Our drill cassettes are therefore unbeatably cost-effective set packaging solutions for tool retailers and hardware stores​​​​​​​.

High quality and robust: Find the right plastic cassette for your product now

Plastic cassettes are typically multi-part packaging solutions that are suitable for storage, presentation, and warehousing of a wide variety of drill sets. Our standard range includes a variety of plastic cassettes in different shapes, sizes, and designs. We have the right plastic cassette for almost every packaging requirement. But what if our standard range doesn’t quite offer what you need? Perhaps our product lacks one small yet essential feature, the proverbial “icing on the cake”? No problem! Then we’ll develop a customized plastic cassette for you, tailored perfectly to your products! Get in touch – we’ll be happy to advise you!

Plastic packaging cassettes – meet our all-arounders

Many of our plastic cassettes such as the FA, FB, FNKL, FNSB cassettes, GripBox, and RoseBox are extremely flexible and versatile solutions thanks to their wide range of applications. As true all-rounders, they can be used as packaging for a diverse range of products. Whether for storage, presentation, or transport – virtually every tool out there can be individually packaged, optimally protected, and attractively presented at the point of sale inside our plastic cassettes. We also offer a range of special solutions.

Packaging tubes for special applications

In addition, we can supply numerous special plastic cassettes for tool packaging applications. From precision and shank tools to HSS drills and machine taps – our drill cassettes such as RoseBox or GripBox combine optimum protection with outstanding functionality and well thought-out features.