Turning is precision work. Working with damaged turning tools therefore rapidly shortens their useful life – which can get very expensive! Our robust plastic packaging effectively protects your turning tools and clamp holders against damage, moisture, and contamination.

But that’s not all ... Our packaging for turning tools also stands out from the competition thanks to its ease of use and innovative designs. We’d be happy to provide you with additional information. So get in touch and take advantage of our decades of experience as a leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic packaging for turning tools.

Ten convincing reasons to choose our plastic packaging

Companies all over the world rely on our plastic packaging when transporting and storing their turning tools. And for many good reasons:

Pioneering producer of plastic packaging

rose plastic began processing plastics back in the 1950s. Today, we’re the global market leader in plastic packaging for cutting tools. Thanks to our decades of experience in the manufacture and distribution of high-quality packaging solutions, we can guarantee reliable delivery and outstanding product quality.

Locations throughout the world

Your factory in China needs the same plastic tubes as your main plant in the US? And your colleagues in Spain and Germany want to use the same plastic packaging for their technical products? With everything in the same quality and without months of waiting? No problem! Because rose plastic is a true global player. We can supply your factories almost anywhere in the world from our locations in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia – punctually, reliably, and in consistent high quality.

Perfect protection for your tools

Our innovative packaging solutions for turning tools reliably protect your tool holders and lathe tools against damage and dirt. This keeps your customers happy and reduces the number of complaints you have to deal with.

Packaging should be easy to use

Our turning tool packaging stands out thanks to unrivalled ergonomics and easy handling. This means it can be opened and closed easily and with minimal effort.

Extensive portfolio of plastic packaging

No matter how you want to pack your turning tools – rose plastic has got you covered. As the market leader, we offer a vast selection of packaging tubes, cases, boxes, and cassettes for your turning tools – in various shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Naturally, we can also supply the matching foam inserts. Get in touch and we’ll be glad to advise you!

Packaging as a sales booster

As marketing experts will tell you, smart packaging gives your turning tools an unmistakable identity and showcases their value.

Personal advice to help you choose the right packaging

As packaging specialists, we have a clear goal: We want you to be completely satisfied with our packaging for your turning tools. That’s why we provide comprehensive advice and guidance to help you find the right packaging solution – from your initial inquiry right through to final delivery. We are your friendly, competent, and reliable partner when it comes to packaging for your products.

Finishing via printing or laser inscription

Finishing your packaging with a high-quality imprint or laser inscription ensures your turning tools are presented in the best possible light and underlines their value. You can choose between various printing processes, engraving, or a laser inscription. Our consulting service is available to help you choose.

Sustainable packaging solutions

Ensuring responsible use of natural resources is important to us. That’s why our packaging solutions are reusable – providing storage for your turning tools.

Customized packaging solutions for turning tools

We have the ideal plastic packaging for almost every requirement. However, if you can’t find what you need in our standard range, our development team can also design a customized packaging solution for your turning tools.