rose plastic is your go-to address when it comes to packaging, transporting, and effectively presenting metal drill bits, wood drill bits, masonry drill bits, and chisels at the point of sale. No matter whether you need individual packaging, bulk packaging, or set packaging.

We’ve been supplying toolmakers, hardware stores, and the DIY market with plastic drill packaging for decades. Our standard range includes around 4,000 different packaging tubes, cassettes, boxes, and cases. Of course, we can also supply the matching foam inserts, DIY clips, and DIY hangers. On request, we will even create customized packaging solutions for your metal drill bits, wood drill bits, and masonry drill bits.

Guarantee a convincing presence at the point of sale

As varied as our plastic packaging products for drilling tools may be, they all share one thing in common – they combine optimum product protection with functional ergonomics and an attractive design. In other words, we provide the perfect mix for effective presentation of your product at the point of sale. We’d be delighted to advise you when choosing the ideal plastic packaging for your drilling tools – simply call us or send us an e-mail.

Increase your advertising power on the display wall

Around two thirds of all shoppers decide which product to buy at the point of sale. The actual purchasing decision is often made in a matter of seconds. Often, the packaging plays a major role here. Our DIY packaging for drilling tools helps to ensure an effective presence for your product at the point of sale.

MultiPack – our proven set packaging for drilling tools

Our MultiPack is practical and re-closeable set packaging for all types of drilling tools. The two-piece protective tube can hold five or seven individual drill bits.

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VarioBox – the multi-packaging for twist drills and shank tools

The VarioBox was specially developed for twist drills and elongated shank tools, such as tap drills or milling cutters. The length-adjustable multi-packaging can accommodate either five or ten shank tools. The VarioBox is both printable and reusable.

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DIY-Clip – the universal DIY hanger

Our DIY-Clip is the ideal self-service packaging for presenting a variety of drilling tools on display walls. This proven DIY hanger is available in a number of different versions, provides optimum grip, and is super-easy to assemble. We offer special versions of the DIY-Clip for drill bits, core drill bits, and flat bits. On request, we can also create a customized DIY hanger – specifically tailored to your drilling tools. 

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DIY-Pack – the classic DIY packaging for drilling tools

Our DIY-Pack is a packaging tube with DIY-hangers for the marketing of a wide range of drilling tools. These products are available as Eurohole hangers or round-hole hangers. Special versions of the DIY-Pack are available for Forstner drills, artisan cutters, and profile cutters.

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VarioPack NT – extra-sturdy packaging for heavy masonry and concrete drills

The VarioPack NT is a plastic tube that features a bayonet mechanism for length adjustment as well as a concertina tube, which is moved downwards to firmly secure heavy tools inside the packaging tube. The VarioPack NT is ideal for heavy masonry and concrete drill bits. This innovative packaging tube was awarded the iF product design award 2006 and the German Packaging Award 2007. 

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SDS-Clip – perfect presentation for masonry drills and chisels

SDS-Clip is a DIY hanger that was specially developed for the marketing of chisels and masonry drill bits. It features a patented plug-in and coupling system, a uniform labeling surface, as well as functional ergonomics.

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SlimPack – the clever packaging idea for SDS Plus drills

The two-piece SlimPack is the ideal packaging solution for a set of three SDS Plus drills. The SlimPack’s highly transparent plastic allows an unrestricted view of the drill bits, increasing the likelihood of a sale. 

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